Founded in 1905 Japanese Swords and Fittings GINZA SEIKODO

SERVICES Maintenance

Maintenance / Repair
We take half the price as deposit in advance.


Tanto From JP¥132,000-(including tax)
Wakizashi From JP¥165,000-(including tax)
Katana From JP¥198,000-(including tax)


Single Gold Habaki  From JP¥93,500-(including tax)
Double Gold Habaki  From JP¥110,000-(including tax)
Single Silver Habaki  From JP¥49,500-(including tax)
Double Silver Habaki  From JP¥60,500-(including tax)


Tanto Standard From JP¥44,000-(including tax)
Tanto Highgrade From JP¥110,000-(including tax)
Wakizashi Standard From JP¥60,500-(including tax)
Wakizashi Highgrade From JP¥132,000-(including tax)
Katana Standard From JP¥71,500-(including tax)
Katana Highgrade From JP¥165,000-(including tax)


We take any requests for making an original KOSHIRAE.Please ask for details.

Box for Fittings

Tsuba Inside Cushion JP¥6,050-(including tax)
Tsuba Wooden Box JP¥6,050- to 10,450-(including tax)
Fuchikashira Inside Cushion JP¥6,050-(including tax)
Fuchikashira Wooden Box JP¥7,700-(including tax)
Kozuka・Menuki Inside Cushion JP¥5,500-(including tax)
Kozuka・Menuki Wooden Box JP¥7,150-(including tax)
Mitokoro Inside Cushion JP¥15,950-(including tax)
Mitokoro Wooden Box  JP¥25,300-(including tax)